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Peace Mural Exhibition (November 29, 2008 – January 30, 2009) October 12, 2008

Two of my poems, Military Portraits and Dilawar, after Death will be included in Huong’s Peace Mural. If you have poems about war, torture, and/or justice, please consider submitting. More info: Huong’s Peace Mural (600 feet in length) will be in Washington, DC for a 9-week exhibition from November 30, 2008 thru January 30, 2009.
Invitation to Poets with PAW to submit poems: Huong is particularly looking for poems about torture, war, justice and related themes, that can fit into a new mural segment she is working on,  to be added to the DC exhibition as the newest segment of the mural. Submissions should be emailed directly to Huong at huong@huong.org.   Poems should be short, fitting in a single page WORD document, on standard paper, 8.5′ x 11″, with 2″ MARGINS, not smaller than 11pt. type; The subject of the email should read “Poetry Submission.” The selected poems will be affixed to a 9″x12″ canvas as part of the Peace Mural exhibition in DC. Huong is in need of as many as 50 such poems.  Poems should be relatively SHORT, sharp, and easy for the public to read in order to catch the message immediately.  
No problem if previously published. Just give that credit at bottom of poem.
John W. Frank, Ed.D., (904) 705-4322
President, Peace Mural Foundation, Inc.

Professor of Public Policy, University of North Florida
. of Political Science & Public Administration
Alternate Email: jfrank@unf.edu


just in the nick of time October 7, 2008

and as this election continues to make my stomach bunch, a message of the desire for peace and positive change:

The Obama Song produced by will.i.am