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Devices & the 12 Houses? August 21, 2008

Devices & the 12 Houses?

Were the devices of art born under a celestial house? I don’t know, but I am overcome with mood when applying a given technique. How fruitful the results of the whimsical, yet deliberate gesture technique. In turn, it was so stressful to employ the extreme focus and constant, unwavering application of graphite to the conture technique (a necessary evil?). I was overwhelmed with the desire to crack the fat lead stick in half and step all over the newsprint. That tension is for the birds! (or the artists? -awe come on!) Utter frenzy!

I commented to my instructor, Gesture is a Gemini. Conture is a Virgo. I wonder what other houses will sit on me, dance around me, chatter in my ears, breath on my neck while I apply the fruits of its child during the next few months of Intro to Visual Arts. ? Branches & Houses of astrology, I welcome you. Are you ready for me?