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Color Hum November 27, 2009

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Portico Haze


Blue, Plural November 26, 2008

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Blue , Plural

“Every man has the right, the goddamned right, to contribute a verse.” – Shelby in Hustle & Flow


: Circumstance

…Then move


The pain breaks,

Sprawled over airwaves


Uncensored Constitution, booty

Salt water plucked from pulpy nooks

Mud, dirt brown eyes,

Born down by river pores,


Houses and sons

Sons and houses

Too many Georges

Not enough Sams

Flow b(etta).


– Melanie Henderson







The Color of My Fruit-Bearing Place September 19, 2008

If I had to think of this election in terms of color, those colors would be hue and hue alone. The purest of pure. No changing, distorted, yo-yoing values (blind insertions of black and white). Just straight bouncing blues, anti-rhetoric reds, give-it-to-me straight greens, yes-sir (I decide for my vagina. It is after all my vagina) yellows.



Let Sarah keep her Trig’s aimed at the big maroon-haired animal in the sky blue. Let her keep her Palin peach and stow it under some snow and a dead, antlered carcass. I dare it to bear fruit on the snowy Alaskan plain. She does not represent my color, as a woman or otherwise.




Our times, our times. Color.