A Note from Mel

Make the connection…

Salim Hylton September 4, 2009



This crowd of mourners

doesn’t make it real,

your Fleetwood will bounce

at the curb any minute now,

black, polished, monumental

1996, chrome grill, chrome lady

leaning from the hood

like leaping breathless

from the Titanic;


You will be here,

you should be here

any minute now.


– Melanie Henderson


Artists & Machinations August 20, 2008

Walking a busy street east of the Capitol, I couldn’t see him. But, I heard him hammering a sound from his small inconsequential body. Amid the grass, over the whir of cars tearing into the morning’s wind. I thought how powerful. The voice of this small cricket overcame ugly machinations that speak loudly yet house no souls. I smiled at the constancy of his natural speech spoken no louder than if in a quiet treebox. I thought, he must be an artist.