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Be Real Black September 5, 2009

Be Real Black

(after Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway)


Let the brief cool of fall,

pour like milk from the mouth

of a hand-made antique,

grow pretty as a lily

worthy of your pauses.

Let all that is black, continuous,

unchanged, magical,

sprinkle like a hush,

surrender to dizziness

whenever your lips part crookedly

casting my back’s arch,

setting me straight like teeth

perfecting organs for speech.


– Melanie Henderson


Salim Hylton September 4, 2009



This crowd of mourners

doesn’t make it real,

your Fleetwood will bounce

at the curb any minute now,

black, polished, monumental

1996, chrome grill, chrome lady

leaning from the hood

like leaping breathless

from the Titanic;


You will be here,

you should be here

any minute now.


– Melanie Henderson


Travel to the Next Literary Convention September 1, 2009

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Travel to the Next Literary Convention


I don’t care to remember you from up there,




This low memory is closer

                                   than the next the train out of here,


Some place less written on tracks

under the dye of code or colored lines,


Speech pretense, tunneled performance

(when bellies tell a better story)

Stomach of a dark station, down here,


A corporeal informant, the snitch

all the riders watch sideways, voyeurs,

necks too frozen to prism into good sense.


– Melanie Henderson


How Ironic, Her Angel Tattoo July 27, 2009

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How Ironic, Her Angel Tattoo


My sister again, briefly,

not distrusted or distanced,

just loved.  I missed her,

wondered how the mauve

cotton candy stuck still in an almost

midnight sky, the midtones low,

early bonds in high contrast,

our present, unreal, more of a liar

than memory. Her cherub smile,

only some hours high in my mind again,

how she mended her wings.


– Melanie Henderson


DCee Love (in Photos) July 20, 2009




Go Go Nate & the Ms.

Go Go Nate & the Ms.



Sandals July 17, 2009

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for Sister, A.


Down a hot hill

with bumblebee Deere trucks,

a 4 year old cockroach, smashed

right wing partly detached,

yellow red blinks at every corner.


Our morning full,

mine with love-making, unruly hair

and coveted sleep,

yours with surrender — duende,

the edge of something

loved, our angles, sharpie-thick lines,

zigged, crucified lane markers.


                            I want to be where you are

(Instead of here)

Near the false crown of your wig,

            To hover the bellies

            of my fingertips over your face

            which begs no mercy.


– Melanie Henderson


Integers Only July 15, 2009

Integers Only


To handle a raindrop,

What you asked for

& what God gave you,

The skin which faced you yesterday

Is plied somehow differently this dawn,


What you asked for

& what precipitated

Is uncomfortable for most of an hour,

When the minutes fade, zeros are in reach,

So many zeros, beautiful planets.


– Melanie Henderson