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Poetry and Conversation at the Central Pratt Library, 11/5/2014, 6:30 p.m. October 24, 2014

Poetry and Conversation with Ailish Hopper and Melanie Henderson

at the Central Pratt Library

November 5, 2014, 6:30 p.m.



A Poetry Reading by Nikky Finney and Melanie Henderson June 22, 2012

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Reading Series: Award-winning visiting poets, Nikky Finney and Melanie Henderson, June 27th, 6:30 pm June 6, 2012

Cambridge, Mass. – The MFA Program in Creative Writing at Lesley University welcomes community members and the public to enjoy the work of its distinguished faculty, students, and award-winning visiting writers from June 22 to 30, 2012.



The Reading Series features two exceptional visiting poets on Wednesday, June 27 at 6:30 pm: Nikky Finney, winner of the 2011 National Book Award and Distinguished Writer in Residence for Lesley’s June residency; and Melanie Henderson, a program alumna whose debut collection won the 2011 Main Street Rag Poetry Award. Read more…



Nikky Finney (Photo: Rachel Eliza Griffiths)


About Nikky Finney

Nikky Finney won the National Book Award in 2011 for Head Off & Split (2011). Prior to winning the top literary prize, Finney published The World Is Round (2003); Rice (1995); and On Wings Made of Gauze (1985).

She also edited The Ringing Ear: Black Poets Lean South (2007), and co-founded the Affrilachian Poets. Finney is a Professor of English and creative writing at the University of Kentucky.






Melanie Henderson (Photo: Marlene Hawthrone)


About Melanie Henderson

Melanie Henderson graduated from Lesley’s MFA in Creative Writing Program in 2010, and soon thereafter won the prestigious the 2011 Main Street Rag Press Poetry Award for her debut book of poetry, Elegies for New York Avenue. Her poems have appeared in Beltway Poetry Quarterly, Drumvoices Revue, jubilat, Reverie, Torch, Tuesday; An Art Project, and The Washington Informer, among other publications. Melanie Henderson lives in Washington, DC.


The Next Verse Poets: Live! in the Capitol City April 18, 2012

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Elegies for New York Avenue Book Launch at Sunday Kind of Love, 1/15/12, 5-7pm December 20, 2011


Exhibit: (Un)Lock It: the Percussive People in the Go-Go Pocket by Thomas Sayers Ellis August 5, 2011

(Un)Lock It: the Percussive People in the Go-Go Pocket by Thomas Sayers Ellis

Opening Reception, August 5th, 6-8pm

Exhibition Dates: August 5 – October 7

The Gallery at Vivid Solutions

 2208 MLK, Jr. Avenue S.E., Washington, DC 20020

(202) 365-8392


“Go-Go is a non-stop, vernacular dance music unique to Washington, D.C. and the Pocket is the percussive conversation between or beneath Go-Go grooves and songs. This photography project takes its title from a term “Lock It” used by the Go-Go community to describe a perfectly played (or locked) Go-Go Pocket. The goal of the Pocket is Home Rule and its anthem is “Bustin’ Loose,” Chuck Brown’s classic call for “The Bridge.” In a city as Capital as Washington, this work is a percussive attempt to reclaim the pictorial power of photography for D.C. residents, the folk who (as Walt Whitman once wrote) “do the real living and dying in this land.””


Gypsy & the Bully Door (Capital Fringe Festival) July 20, 2011

Ocean Ana Rising Inc.


Gypsy & the Bully Door

Written by Nina Angela Mercer/Directed by Eric Ruffin




“Sara – fortune teller & member of the “We Bomb Truth Over Lies” graffiti movement – is haunted. The City eats its residents, exiling their spirits to Sara’s apartment, while Go-Go & its Mayor BirdMan funk eternal.”


The Warehouse

645 New York Avenue N.W.

Washington, DC 20001

Contact: 866-811-4111

Tickets: $17




Tuesday, July 12th, 10:00 pm

Thursday, July 14th, 7:45 pm

Saturday, July 16th, Noon

Tuesday, July 19th, 7:45 pm

Friday, July 22nd, 6:00 pm