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2013 Pushcart Prize Nomination December 4, 2013

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Melanie Henderson received a nomination from I. Giraffe Press/Iris G. Press/Fledgling Rag for the 2013 Pushcart Prize along with the following writers:


YONA HARVEY/”Cutthroat :: The Rising Cost of Fuel”



ALAN KING/”Freeze”

AMANDA NEWELL/”Vacation Photo, Gulf of Mexico”

DAINA SAVAGE/”Separation”


“Nostalgia” is a section of a 4-part poem entitled BONES written after the discovery of old African burial sites in Georgetown, D.C., September 2012)



It’s not any different
than Southwest Washington,
or any other old black hood.


Georgetown is marble and
brick over blood and bone.
The tragedy is not its newness


—or even its color. It’s a failure
of courtesy not to speak to us:
ghosts on lampposts, right brown


shoes sturdy on left knees,
elbows propping up hatted heads
from the chin; it’s a failure


to remember we built those old
rock churches, and monuments,
those houses crumbled to erect


condos that block out light.
Take off your hat when entering
this city; there are spirits around you.


ELEGIES for New York Avenue by Melanie Henderson

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ELEGIES for New York Avenue

poems by

Melanie Henderson

ISBN: 978-1-59948-330-6, ~96 pages

Cover/List price: $14 (Only $12 if purchased from the MSR Online Bookstore)

November 2011.

* * * WINNER of the 2011 Main Street Rag Poetry Book Award * * *


Melanie Henderson’s verse in Elegies for New York Avenue is the blessed sound of the street and stoops of Washington D.C., the lives of the special people on the porches and parlors, the unseen, but the people who are the world, and are the city that is loved so well here. Her first collection of word is more than a triumph; it is one long magical song that showcases a poet with a big heart and an even bigger literary vision that heals and holds up together.

—Brian Gilmore

“Delicious in their sheer sonic energy, the poems in Elegies for New York Avenue take us on a headlong, heady rush through story and memory, portrait and lyric, lament and celebration, every line sounding the way for another, linking again and again to a surprising intimacy and reality. The mosaic of neighborhood and family that Henderson creates is spellbinding. Each piece, each person, each emotion is emblazoned in these poems by precise words and honored by an attention both tender and fierce. These poems throw off sparks. Catch them!”

—Joan Houlihan

In her debut collection, Elegies for New York Avenue, Melanie Henderson carves out a totem of love and loss from the mercurial landscape of memory. Her elegies are lamentations for the living—childhood friends that no longer haunt the avenue, a brother mixing beats with Go-Go and hip hop heat, altars for aunties and cousins, portraits of a father slipped into the shadow of a gun and the promise of a son—that tease and trace history, worrying the present’s past in lyrical, lilting, pristine poetry. Henderson does for DC what Bearden did for Harlem. In her verse, she collages in a lost world of Black pride, struggle and integrity into a precarious present palpable as hope.

—Tony Medina