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Notes from a Failed Hand Dancer November 3, 2009

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Notes from a Failed Hand Dancer


Maybe too young to know a rhythm : to know : rhythm is dynamic : made : not taught : who dares teach steps : sedentary as mountains — to aim for spirituals : about big rocks : gospels : might be : a better angle : baptisms : the mountaintop : welcome to a church of faithfuls : gathered about a mountain’s low old hips : gleefully emptying eye sockets : exchange for dipped hands : guiding : trusted hands : a mass of dignified followers : asking to be lead : knowing an inspirited sway : a swing of robed bodies : will follow : shook pews : balls of feet : weighted : unseated at the right hand of a brother : the float is not about tippies : toes sprinkling : dew eating a Sunday morning of porous earth : grabbing for parted light.


– Melanie Henderson


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