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Be Real Black September 5, 2009

Be Real Black

(after Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway)


Let the brief cool of fall,

pour like milk from the mouth

of a hand-made antique,

grow pretty as a lily

worthy of your pauses.

Let all that is black, continuous,

unchanged, magical,

sprinkle like a hush,

surrender to dizziness

whenever your lips part crookedly

casting my back’s arch,

setting me straight like teeth

perfecting organs for speech.


– Melanie Henderson


3 Responses to “Be Real Black”

  1. vizionheiry Says:

    “pour like milk from the mouth

    of a hand-made antique,”

    This personification of an antique makes centers the whole poem making something inanimate, sensual.

    This is why I featured it on my blog.

    I covet your comment system. If I wasn’t a Google loyalist, I would move to WordPress for this alone.

  2. Mitch Douglas has an entire book of poetry about Donny Hathaway you ought to read, if you’re a fan. http://www.amazon.com/Cooling-Board-Long-Playing-Poem/dp/1597091405

    • anotefrommel Says:

      Hi Keith,

      “Cooling Board” was cool in a biographical, vignette sort of way. I’ve also heard good things about Ed Pavlic’s “Winners Have Yet to Be Announced.” It’s next on my unwritten to-read list…

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