A Note from Mel

Make the connection…

Salim Hylton September 4, 2009



This crowd of mourners

doesn’t make it real,

your Fleetwood will bounce

at the curb any minute now,

black, polished, monumental

1996, chrome grill, chrome lady

leaning from the hood

like leaping breathless

from the Titanic;


You will be here,

you should be here

any minute now.


– Melanie Henderson


5 Responses to “Salim Hylton”

  1. Adia Says:

    exactly…. 😦

  2. Brian Says:

    beautiful, sad, true.

  3. Dawne Says:

    Salim, I miss you. Your energy, spunk, outgoing ways and charisma. I love you and will never forget you.

  4. Diane Miller Says:

    My heart will always be with you. Love you.

  5. I got the news today by chance from Patrick Hylton (Salim’s father) who I ran into here in NY. Mr. Hylton was probably the last person that I would have thought that I would see in a small store in Harlem. I had not lived with the Hylton’s for now, over 10 years. I last saw my little brother, Salim on one of my last visits to DC. He had grown up to look just like his brother Modibo, who was my business partner for a number of years. Sal (as his mother referred to him) would always have a joke for me or more so about me… which always made me laugh. For some reason his nickname for me was Floosie, which every time he said it I always laughed. It was an honor watching him grow up. I own one piece of artwork from Salim that he drew as a student at Duke Ellington which is a portrait of Duke Ellington. He was going to throw it away, but I asked him to sign it and hand it over. He asked why, and I told him, I wanted to own a piece of his work before I would not be able to afford a piece of his art. I miss my little brother terribly. I LOVE YOU SAL… Your Big Brother, Al-Karim

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