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caviar and cognac May 27, 2009

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history repeating itself (or maybe it never changed)



caviar and cognac

after Kim Jong-Il, North Korea ‘06


there’s no fine grey powder in my bomb

nuclear fare

war is someone’s answer


there’s a massive black weapon

stored in my backyard

engorged with hunger, desperation

a heavy pink, pelvic balloon

rolling near pins sharp as starving eyes


there’s a bomb in my back

pocket imperialists




the split second

an eye                       blinked

opening to severed limbs lips



my plutonium grin mocks

a horror flick

on the screen

of my squared bifocals


your seat

perpetually reserved and

unoccupied at my table


– Melanie Henderson


One Response to “caviar and cognac”

  1. Cheryl Says:

    Melanie, disturbing and powerful. I read and re-read, not sure I’ve gotten it all. Even without full understanding, it speaks to me and I pause and think about war and bombs.

    Thank you.

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