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Tracing March 5, 2009

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I know nothing about those spaces

Of toil, birth or black hands red

From grabbing green earth,


Milk chocolate wood houses

With so many splintered shards,

Listing of seven families


Complete with each member’s shade of skin,

But no evidence of ancestry beyond

Characteristic boat-like bags


Under my uncle’s, mine, and my son’s eyes,

& the butternut star in the dark,

Northeast of our irises.


I know nothing of 1918 draft lines,

Being pardoned to care for an invalid parent,

Telling a stranger who’s my next of kin,


Or home cord cuttings & midwife,

The neighbor recording returns of birth

In a hasty, almost lost script


Or of what her script knows

About great great grands

& ashy black & whites.


– Melanie Henderson


One Response to “Tracing”

  1. Derrick Says:

    “…black hands red from grabbing green earth” Hawt!

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